About SiGuys

SiGuys leverages decades of Signal Integrity (SI) experience to provide consulting services to electronic hardware design teams. SiGuys handles all types of SI challenges with particular focus on today’s highest speed serial links, and deploys advanced simulation capabilities to ensure designs work right the first time. SiGuys’ customers receive real data, clear communication, and documented solutions for their most-challenging SI problems. More information on SiGuys can be found at www.siguys.com.

SiGuys specializes in helping customers succeed in the design, implementation, and manufacture of high-speed serial links. We achieve robust signal integrity by using state-of-the-art pre-hardware simulation to guide layout, firmware, and production with real data and no nonsense.  SiGuys’ customers have tens of thousands of serial links in production spanning products from disk drives to cellular data routers. Consulting since the beginning of the serial revolution, SiGuys consistently and effectively helps customers migrate to next-generation data rates again and again.  We’re known for clear communication and our ability to tailor services to match a client’s budget and schedule, and judge our success by a design team’s opinion of us when we’re done.

donald-telianDonald Telian is the Owner of SiGuys, and has been an independent Signal Integrity Consultant since 2005.  Building on over 30 years of SI experience at Intel, Cadence, HP, and others, his recent focus has been on helping customers correctly implement today’s Multi-GHz serial links.  He has published numerous works on this and other topics.  Donald is widely known as the SI designer of the PCI bus and the originator of IBIS modeling and has taught SI techniques to thousands of engineers in more than 15 countries.  Donald can be reached at:  telian@siguys.com