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quoteXirrus’ commitment to robust and rugged product designs causes us to analyze and resolve a variety signal integrity concerns, for which SiGuys is a perfect fit.  They do a great job of comprehending our needs and fitting with our schedules, and even find ways to help us reduce costs without compromising quality.  We found SiGuys to be very knowledgeable in SI theory, analysis, and tools with the ability to convey that knowledge to our circuit design and layout engineers.  Overall, we have found our design process – and resultant hardware – enhanced by working with SiGuys. SiGuys represents a great solution for any company that needs SI analysis.”

XIR_LOGOMike de la Garrigue
Director, Xirrus Inc.


quoteIt was great working with SiGuys on my recent project.  I’ve worked with a number of SI engineers over the years; both in-house employees and contractors.  I’ve never worked with one that was able to give me realistic input in a way that was so easy to understand.  SiGuys’ understanding of the Constraint Manager and the passing of constraints made for a very smooth placement of the many components on my high-speed bus.  This was by far the best experience I’ve had and I hope to work with SiGuys again in the near future.”

Neal Thompson, CID
NT Design


quoteOur project entailed design of a high-speed digital processor board managing a RAID disk array in a storage area network application. It utilized 3 wide-bus processors, multiple banks of SDRAM, gigabit Ethernet- and PCIe- ports, 2-4 fibre channels and a SATA interface. Signal timing analysis was critical. The PC layout required extensive pre- and post- layout signal integrity analysis to assure setup and hold timing limits, eye-diagrams, signal skew, and other propagation requirements would be met. We also needed to determine the upper frequency operating limit on an inter-processor communication bus.

We had already hired and let-go two “claimed” signal integrity (SI) engineers before we found Donald Telian. It seems there are many engineers who have some familiarity with SI tools, but very, very few who are really knowledgeable and competent in this emerging engineering field.  Donald was definitely in a different class altogether. He is an expert in the application of SI tools. He immediately worked through our tool compatibility issues and helped us establish PCB design guidelines, enabling us to continue with the PCB design while he performed the supporting analysis.  We found Donald to be an effective communicator who provided us with clear and concise SI reports throughout the process, completing the project on schedule.

The most important result, however, was the final hardware design. The design performed precisely as Donald’s modeling predicted. The inter-processor bus clock was limited to the maximum rate Donald projected. The SDRAM interface worked with the buffered RAM he specified, and not with unbuffered part. The SI modeling process saved tens of thousands of dollars we would have spent blindly debugging the design and re-designing the PC board. The money we invested in Donald was very well spent.

There are others who claim SI expertise, but few project teams can afford to support their learning time. Donald is knowledgeable, experienced, professional, personable, and an excellent communicator. We would highly recommend him.

Doug Lerner, Sr. EE
Integral Design, LLC