Pragmatic Signal Integrity

Simplifying Serial Link Design & Standards

Pragmatic Signal Integrity

A new type of instruction for a new era of Signal Integrity, this full-day class features interactive engineering exercises solved real-time by attendees.  Recognizing that “the basics” of SI has changed over the years, the class moves quickly from foundational concepts and terms to complex topics such as optimizing equalization.  Pragmatic Signal Integrity teaches you the skills you need to succeed designing today’s hardware.

Simplifying Serial Link Design and Standards

A full-day Seminar detailing design and analysis techniques for achieving robust operation above 5 Gbps and compliance with third-generation standards such as PCI Express (PCIe), USB 3.0, and SATA, pre-hardware. This Seminar covers design and sign-off considerations for serial links from an electrical layer and signal integrity perspective.

There are thousands of pages of serial standards to wade through, yet they’re all similar electrically. This one-day Seminar helps engineers quickly understand how to succeed with the design and validation of serial interfaces by detailing the similarities and nuances of the various standards. And while standards tend to specify compliance in a post-hardware setting, new methodologies, modeling techniques and tools now make it possible to validate compliance before hardware is built. Proper design techniques for silicon, package, board and system are covered.

The Seminar is helpful for Signal Integrity and Hardware Engineers, System Validation and Silicon Test Engineers, and the Managers of these organizations.

Serial link design concepts are covered in the first two morning sessions, laying the foundation to take a deeper look at standards and compliance in the afternoon sessions. While the concepts presented comprehend over a dozen serial standards, particular focus is given to PCIe, SATA, and USB (additional standards available upon request).  The day is concluded with a short look at the future covering issues and techniques associated with higher data rate links (>10 Gbps).

About the Instructor

SI Guys Seminars

SI Guys Seminar Donald TelianAll Seminars are taught by Donald Telian, who has spent the last 17 years focused entirely on the design and adoption of high-speed serial links and standards.  After running SI Consulting at Cadence, he was called upon to integrate the first high-speed SerDes models into an EDA environment in 2001.  He then worked with a team of SI experts to bring the first system-level million-bit serial link simulation environment to the open market in 2004.  In 2005 he became an independent SI Consultant with SiGuys, helping customers succeed implementing the industry’s rapid transition to serial links.  His customers now have tens of thousands of links in production spanning dozens of standard and proprietary signaling schemes.

Seminars are taught on-site at your facility. Please Contact us to arrange a Seminar for your company or organization.